Wednesday, February 8, 2012


These sports themed cupcakes were for my first real client - a spunky 5 year old named Andrew. I'm a little rusty from studying abroad, but he seemed to like them. Though what 5 year old wouldn't be excited about 24 deliciously smelling chocolate cupcakes? Regardless, I think I will consider it a successful first paying job.

The soccer cupcakes were harder to figure out than I originally thought. As you can see from my comical frosting sketch, I quickly figured out that my shapes were wrong. After years of playing soccer I had failed to realize that the black shapes on a soccer ball have five sides (most would call that a pentagon) while the white shapes have six (also known as a hexagon)! who knew? It was smooth sailing after the short lesson in geometry.

I hope you like them, and happy 5th birthday to Andrew!