Sunday, July 24, 2011

Carlo's Bakery

I took a trip to visit Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken with my mom in late June. As we spotted the bakery we noticed a small, monitored line outside and we were pleasently surprised. We then walked to the end of the line and realized that the short line was actually the front of a very long line that ended down the block across the street. We waited in line for about an hour, the whole time I was thinking how dumb it was to wait so long. A bakery is a bakery right? WRONG. These were honestly the best italian pastries I have ever eaten. I highly recommend going and I will no doubt be back.

We ordered a raspberry shortcake cookie, red velvet cupcakes, a carrot cake cupcake, a napoleon, lobster tails, and cream puffs. My favorites were the lobster tail and the raspberry shortcake cookie. In fact my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Aside from the bakery, I have fallen completely in love with Hoboken. All the young people, fun shops, great restaurants, its close proximity to NYC, and seemingly great night life make it hard to beat. I'm plannaing on returning as soon as I can!
The line across the street from the bakery

In other news, I'm currently studying in Australia! Although I do have a kitchen, I do not have an oven. Therefore, this blog will be on hold until I come home in November. But I promise to make great stuff when I get back!

Happy baking until then!

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