Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Bees Knees

Hello my honeybees! Its a snowy mess outside but I'm so eager for Spring! Can you tell? These cupcakes gave me the proper dose of Spring that I needed.

The yellow honeycombs are sugar cookies brushed with light Karo syrup and then dipped in yellow decorating sugar. I made a cookie stencil out of cardboard and then traced the stencil onto the cookie dough for the honeycomb shape. I iced the cupcakes with vanilla frosting and placed the cookies on top.

The bees were supposed to be made out of giant black jelly beans (if you can find me a bag of giant black jelly beans.. let me know), but I used old fashion thick black licorice instead. I used frosting to secure the bees onto the cookies and then I iced on the bees' heads, stingers, and stripes. While carefully icing on a stinger, my black icing bag exploded. Whoops! I cleaned it up the best I could and strategically hid the mess amidst the other honeycombs.

Finally, I delicately placed on the sliced almond wings. Tada!

The cupcakes came out super cute. And hey, if there are any spelling bee champs out there that want to celebrate, give me a call!


  1. mmmmmm.... they were tasty, too!

  2. They look very cute! You're a creative gal, Em!